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Thank you for your desire to be a facilitator for Samuel Group for young adults in your local community.  Here are some things to note as you begin:



The essential two components for the facilitator of the program are:
1. The Samuel Group Manual (book)
2. The Samuel Group Supplements (electronic and downloadable)


You will have the opportunity for 3 downloads within 60 days from the date of purchase of the electronic supplements within your organization.  Our recommendation is that you download all the supplements together and not wait before each session to do so.  Please save these supplements in a safe location.  There is no time limit restriction for their use.  You can use them as many times as you facilitate the program.


The first essential step is put together your core team; these are the individuals who will be helping to run the entire program from beginning to end – from initial planning, advertising, preparation; to running each session; to reviewing feedback at the end of the program integrating it into preparation of the next year’s program.


Following this, the team should together begin becoming comfortable with the manual, particularly the first two sections. This will layout the majority of the logistical setup for the program, providing the basic framework from which you will approach and run each session. Using this, you can review your venue and evaluate what would be the most appropriate setup for your site, one that will facilitate the flow of the meetings and be most conducive for each stage of the meeting.


Next, at least a brief review of the third section of the manual should begin. It is important that the team understand the basic flow of the content of the program as a whole, so as to understand where each month’s session is moving toward when preparing the talks. Each month has it’s own “chapter” which details specifics for that meeting, followed by the material for the talks. The team should develop at least a basic understanding of the content of all of the meetings. This will develop unity among your team, and allow for a level of competency for each team member to be able to address participant questions as they arise.


Once someone is preparing for a talk, they should make an in-depth use of their respective section of the manual; review the material, pray with it, become comfortable with it so as to be able to deliver the content in an honest, relatable fashion without reading it verbatim from the book. This includes becoming familiar with the supplemental materials that accompany each meeting, as most often they are vital components to the core message of the talk, and often the “homework” that comes with it.


Once the team has at least this basic familiarity and comfort with the program, advertising and preparation can begin. And remember, you can always contact us with questions if you feel you need additional support!


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Why should I consider the Samuel Group? 

Every Christian has a vocation, a special invitation from God to become holy and whole, to walk a unique, earthly path that leads ultimately to heaven. Each Samuel Group participant is encouraged to bring his or her unique questions, desires, strengths, and weaknesses to God, and to learn to respond to His loving voice. Each discovers what he or she needs to do to know the Lord better, which in turn leads to a deeper knowledge of the true self and what it means to live in the joy of Christ.

Just as Pope John Paul II encouraged young people to devote one day each month to prayer and reflection, so too, we Apostles of the Interior Life invite you to set aside a few hours on a Sunday afternoon in order to learn more about God and yourself and investigate your vocation, a special call from God.


Samuel Group is open to all young adults ages 19-30 who:

  1. have at least a minimal prayer life,
  2. wish to seriously discern the will of God in their life, and
  3. have a spiritual director (or find one to begin the program)


  • Each monthly meeting involves a brief social period, time for guided reflection, an hour of Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament, including the possibility for Confession, a purification talk, small group sharing, and “spiritual assignments” for the month.
  • Throughout the month, students must meet at least once with their personal spiritual director, develop a regular schedule of prayer, and abide by the rules of the Samuel Group.
  • At the end of the year, candidates are highly encouraged to submit a letter to the Bishop expressing plans for the future. If they are still uncertain about their vocation they are able to choose among many opportunities to serve in the local Church and continue to discern.

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